Berger and Green Heart Disease Scholarship

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July 31, 2017

The Berger and Green team has been serving injured and disabled people in
Pennsylvania for over 40 years. We want to give back to the community and
help the next generation of leaders and professionals. As part of our
outreach efforts, we are offering a new annual scholarship for students
living with heart disease. Beginning in 2017, our firm will bestow a $1,000
Heart Disease Scholarship upon one hardworking, eligible college student.

We do not believe that heart disease should impede a student’s education.
All students should have every opportunity possible to pursue their dreams.
And we want to help. It is our hope that the Berger and Green Heart Disease
Scholarship will provide a high-achieving student with a little welcome
relief during their journey. We encourage all eligible students to apply.

How to Apply: 

Please visit for information on how to apply!