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December 31, 2017

The Escape Tactic Puzzle Scholarship is a $1,000 cash scholarship open to
anyone studying theater, set design, art, STEM programs, or can demonstrate a
passion for building or solving puzzles!

We are challenging applicants to design a puzzle that could ultimately be
incorporated into one of our escape rooms. Escape rooms are immersive live
adventure games that challenge players to think creatively, decipher clues,
and work together to solve a diverse series of puzzles. Rooms are often
themed, and players must use the elements found in the game to "escape the
room" within the given time limit.

For this scholarship students are asked to submit their own puzzle to
demonstrate their creativity. Examples of puzzles might be:

1. Painting/designing something with a hidden clue
2. Design a lobby game
3. Blueprints for a mechanical solution to solve a task
4. A unique way to open a lock (ex. instead of a code there could be a weight
5. Creating a 2D word, image, or numbers puzzle

Puzzles come in all forms - they can be high-tech, digital, physical, or
anything else you can dream up.

How to Apply: 

For information on how to apply, please visit