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December 1, 2017

Our mission at ResumeGo, a professional resume writing service, is to help
people further their professional careers by giving them the best chance of
getting hired by the companies they want to work for. However, furthering
your career doesn’t begin with your job search, but rather with your

Unfortunately, going to college is expensive, and sometimes too expensive for
some students. Paying off student loans and tuition fees can be a huge strain
on both the student and the family members involved. To help ease the burden
of college tuition, ResumeGo has launched the ResumeGo Scholarship Program
with the goal of awarding scholarships to qualified high school seniors and
college students in the communities where the members of our management team
grew up.

This is the second year of the ResumeGo Scholarship Program. There are 2
scholarship contests planned each year, with 2 winners selected per contest.
The deadline for our current contest is July 1, 2017. Each winner will
receive $3000 towards funding his or her college tuition. After our current
contest, the next one is scheduled to have a submission deadline on December
1, 2017.

We believe that education can change people’s lives and open up all sorts
of amazing opportunities not only for themselves but for others around them.
This scholarship is meant to play a small role in helping to do just that. If
you have any questions about our application process, please contact us at

How to Apply: 

For information on how to apply, please visit