UnboxingDeals Digital Marketing Scholarship

Interview Required: 
July 25, 2017

UnboxingDeals has always stood for excellence, quality and the truth in all our unbiased reviews and top 10 lists about a wide range of products and services across industry sectors. We know the value of the written word too well and the power and influence they yield in driving customer preferences, choices and purchasing decisions.

UnboxingDeals is proud to announce our Digital Marketing Scholarship for the brightest and passionate learners of Digital Marketing. We are looking to help young, enthusiastic and bright minds like you showcase your exceptional abilities and talents in the area of Digital Marketing.

Our scholarship is primarily aimed at providing recognition, motivation, guidance and financial assistance to all worthy undergraduate and postgraduate students with a passion for Digital marketing. Winners of receive a scholarship amount of $1500 which can be effectively utilised on subject books, material and other related resources.

We run our UnboxingDeals Digital Marketing Scholarship program twice in a year.


You have a wonderful chance to win a scholarship for $1500.

For this purpose, all we require is for you to put on your thinking caps and seriously ponder over: “Digital marketing – Its place and importance in the web in 2017 and the coming years“.


You will then create a piece of original content between 500-700 words on the subject. We want you to include some of the following ideas in your content article.

  • What is your idea and concept of Digital marketing?
  • What intrigues and fascinates you to Digital marketing?
  • Why do you think Digital Marketing is going to be important in the coming years?
  • How do you envision or see yourself in the space of Digital Marketing in the future?

For winning the UnboxingDeals Digital Marketing Scholarship, students must submit a piece of content between 500-700 words based on the above criteria.

The student who submits the best article will earn $1500 that can be used to further their education.


For more information visit: https://www.unboxingdeals.com/scholarship/