Continuing Students

General university scholarship opportunities and academic college scholarships are available for currently enrolled students.

Apply through the Appalachian Scholarship Application Portal (ASAP) and you will automatically be matched to scholarships you are eligible to receive.

Students who have declared a major have an increased chance of matching with scholarships that are designated for students in that major.

Incoming  summer/fall term students should apply for First-year or Transfer scholarships. Incomplete spring term students are eligible to apply for scholarships via the ASAP portal.


December 1st - ASAP application opens

February 7th- ASAP application closes

Departmental Scholarship Opportunities

Students currently attending Appalachian State University are encouraged to reach out to departments for awards and scholarship opportunities provided by the college in which they have declared a major. These scholarships reward students who have shown dedication and academic achievement in fields that will later benefit their careers. All currently enrolled students may apply for departmental scholarships through the Appalachian Scholarship Application Portal. Please feel free to explore your college's scholarship page using the links below.