Yosef statue on Appalachian's campus

Scholar Spotlight: Allison Powers ’16

"Appalachian is known for its education program. I don’t know of many other colleges that continued their own version of Teaching Fellows after the state cut it out of the budget. Once I figured out I wanted to be a teacher I knew App would be my number one choice!"

Four Honors College students in a classroom discussion

The Honors College

The Honors College offers the most academically-talented students the chance to participate in smaller and more rigorous classes, produce original scholarship, such as writing an Honors Thesis, and live in an Honors residential community.

Three students talking in the courtyard of the Living Learning Center, where Watauga Residential College students live

Watauga Residential College

As the only residential college, the Watauga Residential College provides an environment for Appalachian's most creative students to explore their passions both in and out of the classroom.